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Disability Defined

Brooke R. and Amanda B. do some cooking at CLS
Brooke R. and Amanda B. do some cooking at CLS

In order to be eligible for services from Pike County Agency for Developmental Disabilities persons must have a diagnosed developmental disability.

A developmental disability is defined in state statute and Federal Medicaid regulations.*  Eligibility is determined by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

Eligible persons served must:

1) Have a developmental disability which is defined as a

   Mental or Physical Impairment;**

   That happens while developing (before age 22);

   Results in major difficulties with two or more of the following:

   Is of lifelong or extended duration; and

    Requires individually planned and coordinated services and assistance.

2) Be a resident of Pike County, Missouri

 * There are additional eligibility requirements under Federal Medicaid regulations.
** Excludes mental illness